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Insurance Cover

Chiropractic is covered at the practice by most insurers. Please speak to your insurers prior to arrival if you wish to receive the benefits. 

bad rugby tackle.jpgMost sports involve body contact, fast starts and stops, and positioning that places an unusual

amount of strain on the structural system of joints and muscles, and also the nerves that control them.


Athletes tend to shrug off injuries so that they can continue with their season, building up a series of knocks and bumps that never seem to heal correctly over the course of their playing careers. It's these 'niggles' that may eventually lead an athlete into early retirement from their chosen sport.


The reason for these ongoing symptoms is that the athletes' body is in a state of biomechanical dysfunction, constantly stressing the affected areas and not allowing healing to take place, creating excessive wear and tear.


sprained ankle ice pack.jpgA sprained ankle will feel better after ice therapy and rest. It does not mean however, that there is no longer a problem with it.




There would still remain a damaged proprioceptive ability and stabilization, restricted joints, ligament laxity and muscle tightness, along with a fair amount of scar tissue build up.


When the athlete starts playing again on this dysfunctional joint complex, the problem would be compounded, leading to further irritation and wear and tear. The instability and the change in biomechanics would transfer stresses to other parts of the body, typically leading to problems with the knee, hip and low back.


Chiropractors are perfectly equipped to dealing with sporting injuries!


They are able to quickly diagnose the problem and create plans of management that enable the athlete to get back into action as soon as possible, with a greatly reduced chance of re-injury.


Chiropractors are trained to remove dysfunction and to allow healing to take place naturally.wobble board.jpg They are also trained to rehabilitate proprioception, improving the stability of the area and reducing the likelihood of further injury.


Don't let your niggles be the end of your sporting days


Get an assessment today!


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